Friday, 2 August 2019

How to Get Employment Pass and Dependent Pass in Singapore

Are you willing to do business or job in Singapore? If yes, you need to first be eligible for the same and arrange the required documents and proofs to submit the Singapore government or manpower authority in the country for the verification process. The aim to follow all legal procedures for doing the job in Singapore is to get genuine business passes or employment pass to stay in the country for the desired purpose. There are different kinds of business passes and employment passes have been issued by the Singapore government for foreigners, who want to do business or job in Singapore. However, the applicants seeking to work or do business in the country, they need to acquire the relevant passes for the same reason through legal ways.

Employment Pass (EP) in Singapore

It is mandatory to follow all legal steps involved in the process of achieving business passes as well as work passes in Singapore. For instance, if you want to do the job in Singapore, you need to first apply for Singapore employment pass (EP) through the legal process. Also, you need to make ready all documents and identity proofs to submit to the foreign recruitment agencies in Singapore to get employee pass legally.

Here are eligibility criteria to qualify by the applicant to get employment pass in Singapore: 

  •       Firstly, the applicant should have a job offer in a recognized company in Singapore    
  •   The employment post should be executive, managerial, or any specialized person in the company.
  •       .The monthly fixed monthly income of the applicant should be at least $3.600 or more.
  •     . Applicant should have required qualification, work experience, and enough eligibility to get a job in Singapore.

Once you qualify the above requirements successfully, your employer has to issue the work visa or employment pass to work in Singapore for a certain period of time. In case, you get failed to qualify any requirement, your application will lead employment pass rejected due to the same reason. So, it is advised to go through with all legal steps and fulfill requirements of employment pass in advanced to before applying for EP in Singapore.

Dependent Pass in Singapore

Similarly, if you want to call the family members to Singapore for living, you need to apply for the dependent pass (DP) in Singapore for eligible family members. Here the person working in Singapore or has EP pass or work pass can apply dependent pass for family members like spouse and children below the age of 21 years. So, if your family members are eligible to qualify the requirements, then you can apply for the dependent pass (DP) for them in Singapore through the legal process easily.

Hence, you can get the employment pass and dependent pass in Singapore for employment and family members easily, if you go through for the same through legal steps.

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