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An Overview on Singapore Corporate Taxes for New

Singapore is an ideal business destination in Asia, which offers ample business opportunities for small to mid-size companies in the world to expand their wings and achieve remarkable success in the competitive industry. Moreover, there many factors, which have made Singapore a suitable business expansion destination in the world. For instance, the lower tax rate for foreign companies in Singapore is always an appealing thing, which is recognized by all level businesses in the globe. You will be delighted to know that the Singapore government provides many reasonable tax rates and tax exemptions for new companies, which will help them to grow and earn revenue for them. Thus, it is a big deal for all small businesses to know the benefits of Singapore corporate tax rates for foreign businesses and grab the advantages of them wisely.

At present, Singapore corporate tax rate is fixed up to 17%, which is quite lower than corporate taxes in other countries too. Moreover, the government is giving flexibility in taxes for new enterprises in Singapore as well. For instance, you can avail full tax exemption as 0% on the annual revenue up to $100,000 that will be applicable to 3 years of incorporation of the company.

Furthermore, if you have a new company in Singapore, which has an annual revenue of up to $300,000, you will get a partial tax exemption of up to 9%. The company has annual earning more than the previous amount will be liable to pay full taxes up to 17%. Thus, every new business in Singapore will get relaxation of taxes up to 2 or 3 years till it achieves the threshold or meets the deadline of annual earning that should be impressive and consistent too. So, every new company in Singapore will get enough time to grow its revenue and stand on its feet to earn enough to pay a fixed tax of its expenses to the Singapore government as per ACRA norms.

For availing benefits of goods and service taxes (GST) in Singapore, you need to register for GST, if you have a new company in the country. Now, you need to ensure that your business comes under goods and service tax slab that is set up to 7% and calculate for the same as per ACRA norms in Singapore. If your business supplies are exceeding more than S $1 M for the next 12 months, you need to pay GST tax as proposed by the government. Thus, there are so many advantages of doing business in Singapore in terms of exemptions in taxes to save money for business development.

So, if you are interested to do business in Singapore, you should approach the ACRA business registration agency and apply for the same wisely. An ACRA approved business registration firm in Singapore can also help you for applying for company incorporation and registration in the country through legal ways.

Benefits of company registration

In the territory of Singapore, ACRA controls the legalities of the business as per the business activities and as per the business act the registration of the business which is running in the territory of Singapore is must or government would take strict action against the company. ACRA is the abbreviation of the Accounting and corporate regulatory authority and it works to regulate the business and see that there would be no illegal works done by the companies. There are many people who have new ideas to implement in the market but don't know how to start a firm legally then just read the article below that what one can have benefited from ACRA business registration.

Profits for the company in registration

• Shares - There are many people who are searching for the companies where they can invest and sometimes when they find a company that is growing, they want to have the knowledge of the company's registration. It makes the investor so sure about the company that they can invest in them.

• Penalty -  As we have discussed earlier that the registration of the business is a must in Singapore but people are running their business without registering their business. When the government officials find about the companies which are running without registering themselves then the government put a penalty on them. Companies don't want to have a penalty like this on them which would make a loss to them.

• Clients/ customers -  when a customer wants to purchase a products they usually look out for the company so that they can have a proper idea where they are spending or investing their money and if the company is not registered there might be a chance that the people will reject the good because of the registration is not done.

• Image -  when the government put a penalty on a company then there is a higher chance that the image of that company might get tarnished in the market and there would be many people who would not invest in that company because of this. Many people had to accept the loss because of this.

• Loan -  In the business there are sometimes when one has to take the loan from the bank and it becomes easier for the people to have the loan as banks now have the genuine company which is demanding the loan that makes it easier for the people.

Company registration services

There are many people who have the idea of the benefits of their company but they do not have the idea of how to register their company in Singapore. There are many companies that are providing registration services which one can use. One just has to look out for the company registration services those have the respected name in the market and many of them have the skilled and professional employees which make their work more efficient.

Private limited company Singapore 

It is the type of company which is a small business and their share is not publicly open. If you want to start a private limited company there should be at least two members that are required.

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