Friday, 26 October 2018

We Help You Get Your Passes to Stay in Singapore

One of the advantages of setting up a business in Singapore is the freedom it allows for foreigners to have their choice of how they want to manage their company. Foreigners can stay in Singapore and run the company themselves or manage it from their country with a local person overseeing daily operations. Alternatively, foreigners can also appoint people from their own country who are professionally qualified to look after the operations of the company. The government offers different kinds of permits based on what you want to do.
3 E Accounting can guide foreign investors as to the choices available for them to operate their business in Singapore. For business owners and management staff appointed by the firm can get an employment pass from the government. This will let them work here for two years. This will also facilitate them to travel freely in and out of the country. We can help you get this pass from the Singapore immigration department. The employment pass also allows you to bring your family with a dependent pass. 3 E Accounting can also help you with securing the dependent pass. It allows your spouse and dependent children to come and stay with you. The children can use the excellent education facility the country offers.
For entrepreneurs who want to spread their expertise in Singapore and for those into research, the government offers the Singapore Entrepass. It is a bit more difficult to secure this pass than the employment pass. If all the criteria are fulfilled, we can obtain this pass for you. This is valid for one year. The Personalized Employment Pass is a special permit issued for senior and middle-level executives to give them an opportunity to look for a job here. They can stay six months without a job in search of a suitable opportunity. The Letter of Consent is given to dependents who can seek employment till the period of the dependent pass.
Those who hold the Singapore employment pass can apply for permanent residence status on certain conditions. This gives the person a lot of benefits including owning property in the nation. With our experience and knowledge, 3 E Accounting can assist you in enjoying a good stay in Singapore.

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