Friday, 6 July 2018

We Will Help You Start Your Company in Singapore

Many entrepreneurs have found starting a company in Singapore a very beneficial project. With the government fully supporting the establishment of private enterprises in Singapore, companies are given a lot of benefits. They get tax rebates and tax breaks. The economy in the country is also conducive to a good growth for the company. Added to this is the availability of a hardworking and intelligent population of youngsters who can be employed in these companies.

Foreigners are also very much interested in the nation because of the excellent geographical position it occupies. This is very advantageous for them in reaching out to other countries in the region. They also like the multicultural society that the country has and it allows them to stay here peacefully and carry on with their work. More and more foreign companies are setting up their operations in Singapore.

It is not difficult to register a new company in Singapore. But a foreigner needs to go through an agency to get it registered. 3 E Accounting is the best consultant to get this job done for you. It is because of our high qualifications and experience. We can get it registered in the proper manner so that you don’t face any legal problems later. All the documents will be in order and your registration will be compliant with all the local rules.

3 E Accounting offers a very attractive company registration package which will include a lot of other services also. It will be a package that will be most economical to you considering a variety of services you get in the package. Among the services you get free with the package is the company secretary which we will offer. Every company is required to have a company secretary within six months of its incorporation. The company secretary needs to be a resident of Singapore. The person should also be qualified and knowledgeable about the local company laws. He is the person who should ensure that the company follows all these rules.

It will be difficult for a foreign company to find such a person. We can provide you with a very competent person for this. We provide all support for you in setting up a company in Singapore.

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