Wednesday, 21 March 2018

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There are a great many incentives to make someone want to become a Permanent Resident in Singapore. The first advantage is that you and your family can integrate yourself into the fine Singapore society. Other benefits include buying of property and working here. Your children benefit from getting an entry into the public education system in the country.

You are also able to go out and come into the country freely without any other formalities. Another advantage is that your employer will start making contributions to the Central Provident Fund scheme in your name. You can also change jobs without having to take fresh work visas every time.

The eligibility to become a permanent resident in Singapore goes to two kinds of people. One who has invested in Singapore and one who is working here. There are many conditions that need to be fulfilled to apply for a permanent resident status. These vary for both the categories that can apply for it.

Even with all these conditions being satisfied, it is difficult for a foreigner because of the formalities that have to be followed. In these cases, 3 E Accounting can come to your service. Our experience in the procedures will make it easier for us to get you the PR status. Things will be faster if you use us for getting the Singapore permanent resident pass.

3 E Accounting is an experienced company that has given valuable business advisories to many companies operating in Singapore. Our experience in running a business and following the various obligations to the government makes us an expert in directing businesses on how to run them smoothly. Many companies have benefited from the business services Singapore that we have provided.

For any of your business needs 3 E Accounting is the competent company to contact for.

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