Saturday, 14 October 2017

Singapore Immigration Services offer Better Relocation Opportunities

For most of the businessmen who are planning to extend their business worldwide, always thought of Singapore as their first choice of business destination. Relocating to the Singapore can be a better option for most of the entrepreneurs. Also the businessmen can help their own staff members to relocate to the Singapore to start a new business venture. Singapore always welcomes people with open arms and offers complete freedom to work and to live.

3Ecpa is a one of the famous companies offers the services regarding immigration singapore.  The company is authorised to deal with all type of immigration related issues by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Singapore. The company deals with value-added services and guide the people regarding Singapore’s immigration regulations which depend on various objective assessments related to immigration options. It offers advices on the different visa types suitable for the professionals.

immigration singapore
There are immigration services available and can be offered to the people willing to relocate permanently or temporarily in Singapore under the low specified by the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore.

Personalised Employment Pass is normally offered to the middle and senior executives who are willing to work in Singapore independently. The pass can be valid for 3 years and it cannot be extended. The senior executives can stay in Singapore for at least 6 months while working or while searching for the new employment opportunities.

Permanent resident of Singapore status can also be given to the citizens after complete scrutiny of the records of the individuals and after fulfilling the required terms and conditions. The permanent residence status offer financial advantages, higher business and employment benefits, access to high quality education along with Singapore passport.

The various services offered include the prominent issue of Singapore citizenship. The citizen of Singapore can be given only after fulfilling the set of rules and most required terms and conditions. The citizenship is offered along with rights to property, high quality education & employment opportunities, healthcare services along with financial benefits. To get the Singapore citizenship, you have to give up the previous nationality.

The services employment pass in Singapore can be offered to the professionals, executives and to the experts in various fields who are willing to relocate in Singapore. The person can apply for the pass directly to the Singapore employment department or can be applied by the employment agents on the behalf of candidates. The employment pass is valid for a period of 1 or 2 years and it can be renewable depending on the employment opportunities.

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