Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Since the stating of the 21st Century dawn of Asia had already begun and global economic power is being shifted to Asia continent. This implies that in the very near future more and more companies coming to existence in this region. Singapore which is already popular as financial power house in Asia definitely could see a lot of new business opening. For setting up company Singapore first statuary requirements like registering a company in Singapore by company incorporation, then appoint one local resident director or a nominee for the same and apply for Entrepreneur pass are some of the important statuary requirements. There are several companies here who do these works on your behalf by charging you a fee and allow you to focus more on core business idea. One such company is 3E ACCOUNTING which gives you such service.

This company is based in Singapore, they offer to provide compressive package services consisting company register Singapore with additional secretarial service free for a year in this. They also have packages as nominee services as local resident director and nominee shareholder in case if we are concerned of privacy. They offer some optional services if we decide to get everything from one basket like accounting services concerned with state taxation norms like GST Application ,GST return submission, PIC grant submit, E-stamping from local authority and Annual tax filing.
company register singapore

These services come handy when we are new to these state laws and require smooth start in beginning of business without any surprising setbacks by penalty and compensation to be paid owing to unknowingly infringement of state laws. Moreover they can guide us in tax saving.

Apart from above statuary requirement there are other investments to be made as well, such as human resource management, statuary and sales auditing and business advisories that can help in forecasting cash flows. The 3E ACCOUNTING offers these services also thus you can get the most of your requirement attended in setting up a company in Singapore.

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